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BEN KELLEY, Principal

I build homes that improve life, well built from from the inside out in concert with you, your architect or our designer.  Our homes are beautiful, durable, green, healthy and resilient so you spend less time worrying and maintaining your house and more time enjoying home.  

I’m a second generation builder and president of Building Shelter Inc. I combine craft with science to build homes that last generations. Combining craft with science will reduce maintenance costs, make your home safer, more comfortable, and healthier while reducing your carbon footprint.


What You Get

I am committed to my clients and I stand behind my work. My primary interest is building your beautiful home that is well made, healthful, environmentally friendly and cost conscious. My client Frank B., said his home looked as good as the day we built it 10 years ago.  Visit our  customer testimonials.

Better Home, Better Life

Building Shelter Inc. is the Vineyard’s builder of beautiful, durable and efficient homes with an experienced team of professionals. We deliver the comfort, safety and performance you expect.  As one architect and, separately, client said, “they exceeded our expectations.”  

Rethink.  Build.  Renew. 

When your home needs improvement or if you need to start fresh, we can help.  We'll navigate the building process with you or your architect or bring an experienced design team to create or recreate your dream home.  

My Promise

Building or remodeling a new home is an investment and can be an intimidating proposition.  I am committed to your investment being protected by the employment of durable construction methods, built with a team of knowledgeable professionals and that you receive responsive service after the completion of your project.  



I am Ben Kelley and I created Building Shelter Inc.  I come from a long line of tradesmen and business owners. I began construction with my father in Washington State and during some summers I worked at my grandfather’s heavy equipment shop in California.

I fell in love with Martha’s Vineyard when I arrived in 1996 and resumed carpentry. I discovered building healthy homes made my clients feel good and even helped our natural environment.  I have a deep commitment to craftsmanship, durable details, beautiful homes and to the success of our clients' projects, large or small. 


MISSION & Commitment

To improve our client's lives by designing and building beautiful, durable, safe, healthy homes.   To provide long term support for our clients and the projects we make for them.  To create spaces from yoga studios to new homes that inspire and nurture our clients, their family and friends.


Building homes that inspire and last

It's not what you see that generally surprises us, it's what we didn't expect.  Same with homes, it's what you don't see that can bite us.  You can look at the finishes, the new paint, the new siding and granite countertops and think you just got the best thing money can buy.  Maybe. What's behind all that stuff?  How was it assembled?

As in any field or career things change rapidly.  The same with building.  Building Science is the study of why buildings succeed or fail.  Succeed doesn’t mean they stay up and keep the rain off of your head, that is a low threshold.  It means they function well.  What causes drafts? what causes condensation on windows? Can I simplify a home’s expensive mechanical systems?  What materials should I use that will not encapsulate me in a toxic environment.  What is a durable details? Practically anyone can get a construction supervisor’s license and call himself or herself a builder with little or no experience.  And contractors who have been building for 30 years, without understanding building science, can have a long track record of standing houses that are built poorly.  We follow the science so that you can live more comfortably, with more health and with less anxiety.

If your health is important to you we can work with you to build a home that can support your health, not worsen it.  If you exercise, eat well, pay attention to how you live in the world and what you put on and in you then why return to a home that might not be taking care of you?  If you live with drafts, cold spots, cold feet and a hot head, toxic chemical smells, we can build you a home that has lasting comfort and health.  Do you have unreasonable heating bills or a mechanical system that operates all the time?  We can build you a home that reduces the cost to own and operate it.  We will work with you to design and build you a home that is in your budget, comfortable, durable and beautiful.  We can do a little for you or we can do a lot based on your plan and goals.  Our homes will improve your life.